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Rémi Serendip Belleau
Rémi Serendip Belleau
7 octobre 2018
(French follows) Bought a shelving unit, was missing 8 caps. They could have been ordered from their store, with shipping fees of $16 USD. Never buy from them again. J'ai acheté des étagères, il manquait 8 pièces. J'aurais pu me les procurer en ligne sur leur site, mais ils demandaient des frais d'expédition de 16$ US. Je n'achèterai plus jamais de cette compagnie.
Guillaume Bertrand
Guillaume Bertrand
17 mai 2013
N'assurent aucun service apres vente de leur produit. »Surtout n'achetez pas des produit swiss cargo
8 août 2018
Paid for a kayak seat.....never received.....no communication since the order date. No response to my emails. No shipping info. Filed a claim through PayPal and they still haven't responded. Shady company with something up their sleeve. Do not shop there.
Mike Farney
Mike Farney
23 août 2018
We needed $10 worth of parts that weighed next to nothing and Swiss Cargo wanted to charge me $20 to ship them to Upstate New York. I reached out to their customer service and they told me if I showed them a receipt for the carrier they would send me the parts without shipping. Nice gesture, but we could not find the old receipt so I wrote back and asked if we could figure out another arrangement and I heard nothing. So frustrating because it basically renders our carrier useless. I thought Swiss Cargo was going to make things right but they failed big time. :-(
Norma Roushorn
Norma Roushorn
2 janvier 2019
Seems these people DO NOT respond within 24 hours or beyond???? not a very good business policy